Atelier Le Fil d'Ariane

le fil d'ariane baskets: a mindset

LE FIL D'ARIANE Baskets embodies a true midset.

True luxury lies in the ability to appreciate the small pleasures of life and cultivate authentic connections. We believe that refinement lies in simplicity and harmony.

The basket, an essential holiday accessory, becomes an everyday accessory in complete relaxation and elegance.

Combining tradition and luxury, our baskets aim to be worn on all occasions in an eco-responsible approach. The quality of materials and know-how are the guarantees of a durable basket.

The baskets are available in different sizes to suit all tastes and uses: XXS ; XS ; the S ; the Ms ; L and XL

The basket: an ancestral accessory

Used since Antiquity to transport goods, the basket has become an essential fashion accessory.

Hand-woven using the technique of basketry, or the art of weaving plant fibers, from different natural materials such as wicker, rattan, bamboo or even palm, it is used for its strength and its durability. The basket today comes in different uses, both practical and aesthetic.

The palm tree: know-how and sustainability

Coming from the Moroccan mountains, the palm leaves are collected then dried and cut to remove thin strips. They are then woven by hand in the purest tradition.

Palm, a natural material, is part of an eco-responsible approach and represents as its main asset high rigidity while remaining light.

Leather: luxury and modernity

A timeless material, high quality leather allows the baskets to be worn while maintaining freedom.

The basket combines freedom, elegance and relaxation.

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